Sustainability Plan

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Sustainability Action Report

2022 Action Report Cover Page

In support of the city of Durango’s commitment to environmental sustainability and resilience, the Sustainability Division provides analysis, coordination, and management of projects, programs, services, plans, and outreach efforts that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve resources, preserve our natural environment, maintain Durango’s unique character, and improve the quality of life for present and future generations. The division provides technical support to city departments, tracks and reports on actions and indicators, and serves as the point of contact for the community on sustainability initiatives.

Core Functions of the Sustainability Office

  • Implement and update the City of Durango Sustainability Plan.
  • Tracking and reporting on sustainability indicators including greenhouse gas emissions inventories, resource consumption, and other relevant environmental sustainability data.
  • Support, advise, and collaborate across city departments to implement services, infrastructure, projects, and programs relating to sustainability.
  • Public outreach, education, engagement, and events promoting sustainability behaviors including energy and water consumption, waste/recycling/composting, clean transportation, and other environmentally friendly actions.
  • Apply for and manage grant funding in support of city sustainability initiatives.
  • Evaluate city code and policies for sustainability impact and propose amendments as warranted.
  • Represent the city in local, regional, and state sustainability initiatives.