Bag Fees & Bans

Reducing single-use carryout bags helps prevent litter and curbs excessive plastic consumption. By switching from habits built on disposable items to reusable items, our community can conserve resources and cut down on pollution and litter. Colorado's Plastic Pollution Reeducation Act is a state law that requires certain stores to charge a $0.10 fee on single-use carryout bags in effort to incentivize the switch to reusable bags.

NOTICE TO BUSINESSES: The City of Durango has been working with our MuniRevs collection system to develop the online bag-fee remittance form. It will go live starting October of 2023 at which time you may remit your fees collected for the first three quarters (Q1, Q2, and Q3) of 2023. Fees can then be submitted on a quarterly basis moving forward. Please see the "Affected Retail Businesses" tab for more information.

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Avoid the fee and reduce waste - bring your own bag!

It takes a little change of habit, but bringing your own reusable bag is the easiest way to avoid paying the $0.10 bag fee. Don't have a bag? We have one for you! Check out the programs below for current programs.

How to get a reusable bag

  • Durango residents can pick up FREE reusable bags at the following City and community non-profit locations - limit 2 bags per person, please. Giveaway will continue only while supplies last - you may wish to call ahead to confirm hours and bag availability. 
  • Many stores offer reusable bags for low prices. These bags quickly pay for themselves in avoided fees.
  • The Durango Farmers Market will be offering free reusable bags during the 2023 season.
  • Visit Durango is working on developing reusable bag programs for visitors - check back soon for more information!

Exempt customers

Customers that can show proof of being on a federal or state food assistance program do not have to pay the fee.