When should I consider replacing my existing gas-powered vehicle with an electric vehicle?

From a cost perspective...

  • Total cost of ownership for a vehicle includes purchase or lease price, fuel/electricity, maintenance and insurance. Due to low fuel/electricity and maintenance costs, owning an EV is often less expensive, over several years, than owning an ICE vehicle. Visit PlugStar.com to explore potential savings for various EV models. As the EV market grows, so will used EV options, further improving the cost-benefit analysis.

From an environmental perspective...

  • Normally, it is best not to replace products unnecessarily. This is because the greenhouse gas emissions related to most things we purchase (e.g. clothing, furniture) come from the energy used to manufacture and ship the items. However, products that consume fossil fuels for power (e.g., vehicles, furnaces and lawn mowers) produce emissions every time they are turned on. An ICE vehicel will produce 8 to 10 times more emissions from driving than from its manufacture. Therefore, replacing ICE vehicles sooner can significantly improve overall emissions and air quality.

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