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Twin Buttes

Twin Buttes Open Space & Trail Closure (PDF)

During construction in Twin Buttes Development the trails will be closed. However, the trails in the City open space are open to the public. The annual seasonal closure for wildlife in the Twin Buttes Open Space is December 1 – April 15 for the City trails in Twin Buttes Open Space.

The Twin Buttes Open Space and Trails System is preserved in coordination with the Twin Buttes Development, the area includes 580 acres of public open space and approximately 10 miles of natural-surface trails built by Trails 2000 volunteers for non-motorized recreation and education.

Location: Trail access and parking for the area is located immediately west of the Giant Gas Station approximately 1.5 miles west of downtown on Highway 160.

Amenities: Natural Surface Trail

  • Acreage: 580
  • Trail Length: 10 miles