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Memorial Park


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Animas River Trail
  3. Art Sculpture
  4. Bench
  5. Creek/Riverside
  6. Grass Area
  7. Hard Surface Trail
  8. Parking
  9. Picnic Areas
  10. Picnic Tables
  11. Playground
  12. Restrooms
  13. River Access

Memorial Park consists of 15.36 acres with river access, restrooms, a small swing set at the corner of E. 3rd Avenue and 29th Street and a grassy expanse that goes north all the way to 32nd Street. The river access area has many mature trees that provide a respite from the sun on a hot summer day.

Special Features

The Guardian 

Art sculpture, "The Guardian" by artist and former Fort Lewis Professor, Mick Reber. This rusted metal sculpture is unique and intriguing and fills the role of The Guardian in this tranquil setting, welcoming admirers of the sculpture and the beauty of Memorial Park.

Chess Table for Two

A fixed Chess Table made out of marble/granite and seating for two, welcomes all level chess players to come be the master of their game while enjoying the beautiful scenery and listening to the music of the river.

Memorial Park Aerial II