How can I learn more about Greenmount Cemetery?

To recognize some of the persons of Durango buried in this beautiful cemetery, we have produced two biographical walking tours, each with an accompanying map and index.  One is an overall tour of Greenmount, focusing on 72 grave sites; the other takes you to the burial sites of the 158 individuals who were buried during the time frame of the 1918/19 Spanish Flu epidemic.   Both tour guides are accessible on the Learn More About Durango page on this website (along with their maps, which are a separate download there).

The City’s online GIS (Geographic Information Systems) headstones data (accessed at the GIS viewer on the City’s website) may also be interesting to you.  The last page of the introductory general walking tour explains how to zero in on plots and/or names in Greenmount Cemetery, and includes photos of headstones. 

The tour booklets and the map/index one-sheet insert for each walking tour are also available for free on the rack inside the lobby of City Hall, but are not mailed out.

If you have a particular question regarding the City’s records pertaining to a particular personal name and/or plot location at Greenmount, feel free to email the Records Administrator,

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