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Posted on: May 4, 2022

City Council finalizes e-bikes for Twin Buttes, approves additional spending for capital projects

5-3-22 ebikes approved for Twin Buttes

After an extensive trial period, the Durango City Council finalized approval of Class 1 e-bikes on the Twin Buttes trail system at its meeting Tuesday evening.

Although scheduled as a quick consent agenda item, councilors took time out of the meeting to celebrate the allowance of e-bikes, and what it means for inclusion on one the city’s most used trail systems.

 “I wanted to celebrate this opportunity to include more even people in being fit and healthy in our community,” said Councilor Kim Baxter. “I’m very excited about this, and I see this as a beginning of how to look at how we can include more people in being healthy on our trails.”

City staff presented an update on the city’s capital projects that showed on average bids for projects were coming in 69% over estimated amounts. For example, a capital project involving sidewalks came in at $132,211, 175% increase over the original budgeted amount of $48,000.

“It’s not any one particular project, it’s not any one particular department, it’s a pattern that we’re seeing,” said City of Durango Finance Director Cynthia Sneed.

Staff noted that issues with supply chain and an unavailable workforce are the common causes for the increase. While some projects will cost more than expected, the city will be spending less than anticipated on capital projects due to certain projects being moved up a year from lack of available labor and materials.

Capital Improvements Projects Manger Jennifer Holland said that because of labor shortages, several contractors the city has reach out to have said they are booked through the construction season, pushing several projects out at least a year.

 In a consent agenda item City Council approved amending the 2022 budget to account for the increase in costs for capital projects that came in over bid. 


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