Trail Rules and Etiquette

The City of Durango is expanding upon the Share the Trail philosophy to provide clear guidelines for the use of City trails to enhance the enjoyable experience of all trail users without adversely impacting the use of others. Trails are for everyone. Please respect other trail users and adhere to the following local trail expectations:

  • Be courtetrail pictureous. All trail users should be respectful and aware of other users regardless of their mode, speed, or level of skill. Dogs must be on a leash. Keep trails clean and safe by disposing of trash and animal waste in appropriate trash receptacles.
  • Be predictable. Travel in a consistent and predictable manner. Keep right and pass on left. Always look behind before changing positions on the trail.
  • Yield to other trail users. Yield to slower and on-coming traffic. Bicyclists yield to pedestrians; and bicyclists riding downhill yield to bicyclists riding uphill. Yielding the right-of-way requires slowing down to a safe speed, being prepared to stop, establishing communication and passing safely. When merging onto a multi-use hard surface trail, yield to other users on the primary trail corridor.
  • Be observable. Provide an easy to hear warning before passing. Give a clear signal using voice (state "On your left"), bell or horn well before passing. Wear lights and reflective clothing at night. Wear only one ear bud if listening to devices.
  • Don't block the trail. When in a group or with your pets, move off the trail to avoid blocking the flow of other users. When stopping, trail users should move off the trail.
  • Control your speed. Slow down and use caution when approaching other trail users and blind turns. Please keep speed under 10 mph on City hard surface trails.
  • Conscious of noise. Be conscious of noise impacts on the experience of others and adjacent neighbors.

Trail Rules and Etiquette Specific Natural Surface Trails:

  • Respect the trail. Stay on designated trails. Stay off natural surface trails that are wet or muddy. Avoid creating braided or social trails.
  • Yield to Horses. All trail users yield to equestrians in open space areas where horses are allowed

Durango Area Existing Trails Map (with designated trails for E-bike usage) (PDF)