Kim Baxter

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I think Durango is such a wonderful community – people are friendly, the outdoor recreation is amazing, there are so many fun things to do and we have a great multi-generational community which is a very important aspect of the town, my husband, John Baxter & I (with our two dogs) call home.

When I moved here in 2009, I wanted to participate in City activities, so I applied for and was appointed to the Natural Land Preservation Board. After my term on the NLPB, I joined the Multi Modal Board. Besides learning about non-motorized transportation, I also found the challenge of city-wide and county-wide transit enlightening.

Having the opportunity to serve on the Planning Commission gave me the chance to use what I knew about the Land Use Development Code and the Comprehensive Plan to inform decisions about development in the City.

I am a small business owner and a walnut farmer. One of the delights of my life was owning a bookstore in a small, rural community. My career and education focused on Finance – both in the hospitality industry (hotels & restaurants) and as a consultant to numerous, diverse businesses.

Being elected to City Council is an honor and I deeply appreciate that the community feels that I can and will represent their values to the best of my abilities.