Property Owner's Responsibilities with Water & Sewer Service Lines

On October 15, 2013 the Durango City Council approved changes to the City Code Chapter 25 Section 3 Ownership and Maintenance of Utilities.
In accordance with this section, the City has prepared a document outlining property owner’s responsibility (PDF).

Some frequently asked questions regarding responsibility are outlined below:

  • Q:My plumber informed me the City is responsible for my sewer backup? What will the City do?
    • A: The Utilities Department will come out and check the main lines to ensure flow. If the main is not flowing, the Crews will resolve that issue. If it is found to be a service line (the mains are functioning) it is up to the property owner to show that the blockage is not root intrusion, oil/grease buildup or other blockage and a break has occurred within the City right-of-way (generally past the sidewalk). To determine the location and responsibility of a service line break, request from your plumber a video recording of your sewer line with measurements to provide to the City Utilities Department. The Department will evaluate the video and discuss responsibilities and options for repair. 
  • Q: My water line is frozen, what do I do?
    • A: It is the responsibility of a property owner to keep water service lines from freezing. If freezing is suspected, Utilities crews may arrive to determine if the meter and associated items are functioning. It is up to the property owner to thaw the entire length of the service line if the line has frozen.
  • Q: The City came out and repaired my water service line in the right-of-way. Will they complete my line into my property?
    • Any line replacement outside of the public right-of-way is the responsibility of the property owner (this includes across other owners property). In some cases where the Utilities Crew finds the service line in disrepair on the property owners side of responsibility, the owner may be directed to repair or replace the line within a set time frame.

To view the Chapter 25-3 (PDF) Ordinance presented to City Council and Approved by City Council