Youth Engagement Program

The City's Youth Engagement Program

This offers many opportunities for youth to get involved with their city government and community. Teens who are enrolled in a Durango High School (9th-12th grade for the 2020-2021 school year) or are a Durango resident and home-schooled are eligible to apply for a one-year position that runs September through May on the Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission or as a youth liaison to one of the other City boards. The positions run September through May.

Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission

The mayor's youth advisory commission makes recommendations to the City Council and directly addresses issues concerning youth in the community. The commission annually hosts the Youth Expo, a forum to see all the schools, activities, opportunities, and resources for teens side by side.

Apply for the Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission & Youth Engagement Program

The City is accepting applications for the 2020-21 school year into September 2020. Apply online at  Click Application on the left side.  When in the application, select Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission from drop down menu to select board choice.

Youth Engagement Program Mission Statement

The City of Durango's Youth Engagement Program aims to promote youth and community partnerships, encourage teen engagement and cultivate meaningful opportunities for Durango's young adults.