Commercial & Residential Multi-Unit Complexes

Commercial and residential multi-unit complexes with eight or more units are required to provide tenants with the opportunity to recycle single stream materials and mixed glass.

Residents living in single-family dwellings, duplexes, and townhomes (detached or attached) receive individual curbside trash and recycling collection services from the City of Durango.

Service Overview & Guidelines

The City provides collection containers and services to commercial and residential multi-family complexes. See the commercial collection services page for rates, guidelines, and more details. Commercial & residential complexes may contract with other trash and recycling services providers if desired.

A separate container is required for glass and large amounts of corrugated cardboard. All other recyclable products can be combined in one blue single stream recycling container.

Make sure tenants know what can and cannot be recycled – post the Single Stream Guidelines (PDF) somewhere visible.

Collection containers may not be stored within public rights of way without permission from the City Public Works Department, and require at least 3 feet of clearance on either side and behind the container for our automated collection system to work safely.

The requirements described above are mandated by City of Durango code of ordinances. Tenants that wish to file a complaint regarding the trash or recycling service availability in their complex should call (970) 375-5004 to request a site review.


City staff is available to meet with property managers, renters, and/or tenants for a brief orientation prior to beginning an on-site recycling program. Please call (970) 375-5004 to set up an appointment.

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