File a Claim

If your checked baggage was not on the baggage carousel when you got off the plane, you will need to file a claim with the airline that you last flew on. For example: If you flew from Chicago to Denver on American Airlines and took a United Airlines flight to Durango, you will need to file a claim with the local United desk.

It is very important that you not leave until you have filled out a claim form. To help the agent filing the claim form, please have your checked baggage claim number out.

Once the agent has taken your claim, the bag is then routed to the correct destination. The airline has a local baggage delivery service to deliver your bags to their destination.

Contact the Airline

Please do not call the administration office with questions about lost or missing baggage. We do not have access to the airlines' computers, or computer system, and the administration office can not look to see if your baggage is here. For baggage information and airline policies, please contact your individual carrier.