Volunteer Rewards Program

Parks & Recreation Facility Passes

There are three ways a volunteer can receive their pass/entry (a person may volunteer their time for a different person's pass if desired):

  • For every two hours worked, receive a day pass to use at the Recreation Center or Chapman Hill
  • Volunteer the total number of hours necessary for the desired pass and receive that pass upon completion of the determined hours (pass price divided by eight)
  • Earn entries on a punch card as volunteer hours are completed. The volunteer hours must be completed prior to entries being added to a punch card

Recreation Center Pass Rewards  

Reward PassVolunteer Hours
One-day pass (Chapman Hill or Recreation Center)  
Adult punch pass (Chapman Hill or Recreation Center)11
Youth / Senior punch pass (Chapman Hill or Recreation Center)  
Adult three-month pass (Recreation Center)  
Youth / Senior three-month pass (Recreation Center)  
Adult six-month pass (Recreation Center) 
Youth / Senior six-month pass (Recreation Center)  
Adult annual pass (Recreation Center)  
Youth / Senior annual pass (Recreation Center)  
Couple and family passes 
Hours to be determined by the length of pass and age of pass holders 

Volunteer Youth Coaches

The head coach for a youth sports team will have their child's registration fee waived for the sport they are coaching.