Sales, Use & Lodgers Tax

The City of Durango is now processing all online Sales, Use & Lodgers Tax Return payments through MUNIRevs and no longer through Citizen Access. New Users will need to Register in MUNIRevs to manage your municipal taxes and licensing.

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MuniRevs Licensing and Sales Tax FAQ's

  • My business is making retail sales.  Do I need a City of Durango license?
    1. If your business is making sales (in person or sales delivered by common carrier) you would need a license in place to remit sales tax.  Licensing is required for professional services occurring in Durango city limits as well.
  • What types of payment can be made in MuniRevs?
    1. Credit, Debit, E Check
  • What if MuniRevs says my business doesn’t exist or have link up information?
    1. Your business did not have a current license so you would need to apply for a new license in MuniRevs.
  • How do I amend a sales tax return?
    1. Provide a copy of the original return then fill out and highlight on a second copy the amendments being made. Notate it as “Amended” at the top and mail both forms in.
  • What if my filing frequency changed?
    1. Contact the City of Durango at 970-375-5033 and we can update it if appropriate.

Lodgers' tax increase

After the approval of ballot question 1-A presented to voters April 6, 2021, the city is authorized to increase the city lodgers' tax rate from 2.0% to 5.25%

After the adoption of the ordinance amending pertinent sections of Chapter 23 of the Code of Ordinances an effective date for the increase is June 1, 2021.