Current Projects

  1. 13th Street Storm Drain Project
  2. Thomas Avenue Reconstruction

The 13th Street/Camino del Rio storm drain system contains pipes that have reached the end of their service life. As a result, a portion of the system requires replacement or repair. The City of Durango has begun a reconstruction project that extends from the west limit of North Point Mall to the Animas River, passing under the D&SNGRR and the CDOT right-of-way. The project scope includes installing new pipe(s) beneath Camino del Rio and conveying flows through the two City of Durango Parcels at River City Hall, and the Powerhouse Science Center, ultimately discharging to the Animas River.13th Street Storm Project Flyer

Engineering Development Standards

Staff is currently in the process of revising the Public Improvements Development Standards and Specifications (formerly called Development for Public Improvements and Construction Specifications).

Future Projects

  • Sewer Replacements
  • Rehabilitation of Water Treatment Plant 7mg Water Storage Tank