Commercial Collection Services

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The City of Durango offers commercial trash and recycling services for businesses and multi-unit complexes located within City limits. Any business that is currently receiving City water or sewer services may sign up for the City's commercial trash and/or recycling collection.

Call (970) 375-5004 to find out how much you can save by signing up for the City's collection services! Discounted commercial recycling service rates are offered to customers that subscribe the City's commercial trash collection services, providing an easy and affordable way to make sure your business's waste is being managed sustainably, while supporting our local economy.

  1. Drop-Off Options
  2. Guidelines

Commercial Drop-Off Options

Visit the Recycle Center and Drop-Off page for more information on options for drop-off trash and recycling for businesses located inside and outside Durango. Landfill materials can be taken to the Durango Transfer Center.


  • Durango Recycle Center: 710 Tech Center Dr. Durango, CO 81301 
  • Transfer Center: 790 Tech Center Dr. Durango, CO 81301

2022 Monthly Commercial Collection Rates

  1. Trash
  2. Recycling WITH City Trash Subscription (Discounted)
  3. Recycling WITHOUT City Trash Subscription

Commercial Trash Collection

Container SizeMonthly Rental Fee1 Collection per Week2 per Week3 per Week4 per Week5 per Week6 per Week
60 gallonN/A$16.65$33.30N/AN/AN/AN/A
90 gallonN/A$24.95$49.97N/AN/AN/AN/A
300 gallon$7.04$37.18$74.34$111.52$148.70$185.86$223.04
2 cubic yard$7.04$51.28$102.54$153.82$205.10$256.36$307.65
3 cubic yard$7.04$64.08$128.19$192.26$256.35$320.47$384.32
4 cubic yard$7.04$89.73$179.46$269.19$358.93$448.65$540.32
6 cubic yard$7.04$115.35$230.75$346.10$461.48$576.84$692.22
8 cubic yard$7.04$147.42$294.82$442.24$589.67$727.84$884.49

Additional Services & Fees

Extra Collections and Temporary Containers

Additional fees apply for collection that is above and beyond the subscribed service. The rates listed below apply to recycling and trash and are charged for each additional collection service request. These collection rates apply for additional collections on your existing container or for collections on a temporary container.

  • $12.81 for 60- or 90-gallon containers
  • $25.64 for 300-gallon containers
  • $25.64 for 2 CY - 4 CY containers
  • $32.04 for 6 CY containers
  • $38.44 for 8 CY containers

Temporary container delivery fee, regardless of size: $26.39

Temporary container service fee charged if container is not dumped at least once per month: $31.67

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