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2022 Transit Survey Results

Every year the City of Durango and Durango Transit conducts a survey to better understanding the ridership and their needs. The results from the 2022 ridership survey have been summarized in the graphic below.

Survey Results Image

detailed breakdown of the survey responses ,including data from past years data is available.

New Route Changes - Effective May 1

The new route improvements will expand service to a critically unserved neighborhood and provide more efficient service on an existing route, at no additional operational cost. The changes include:

  • The expansion of the Hwy 160 W route to include the Crestview neighborhood. 
  • The implementation of route efficiencies on the Mercy/Three Springs route.
  • Redirect the Walmart route around the Durango Mall to address private property owner’s liability concerns. 

These improvements were developed based on community feedback as well as an on-going analysis of ridership needs. Currently, Crestview residents walk up to a mile to access the nearest transit stop on Main Avenue. This expansion will provide frequent and convenient transit service to a large residential area, including several affordable housing developments. This route will operate every 30 minutes, 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

Crestview - 160 West Expansion Times

Transit Center:00:30
W 22nd St & W 2nd Ave:03:33
Arroyo Dr & Delwood Ave:05:35
Delwood Ave & Crestview Dr:05:35
Forest Ave & Crestview Dr:06:36
Forest Ave & Kearney St:07:37
Forest Ave & Avenida del Sol:07:37
Avenida del Sol & Falcon Way:08:38
Roosa & 9th Street:09:39
Tech Center:12:42
Four Winds:14:44
Lightner Creek:15:45
Westside Mobile Park:16:46
Best Western:17:47

Crestview - 160 West Expansion Map

Crestview - 160 Route Iamge