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Resting in the Animas Valley in Southwest Colorado, Durango is one of America's premier vacation destinations. What makes Durango such a popular outdoor wonderland is not just its picturesque natural beauty, or countless local events and attractions. It's the weather that helps make Durango a true mountain paradise.

Pack Appropriately

Durango enjoys a four-season climate, featuring moderate temperatures year-round. With a typical summer temperature of around 85, Durango is at its warmest during the month of July. It's coldest in January, when temperatures can reach as low as a brisk 10 degrees. Because of Durango's altitude, temperature variations between night and day can be quite drastic, sometimes hitting a 34-degree swing during the summer months and 24 degrees during winter, so you'll want to make sure you pack appropriately.

Durango's average annual precipitation of approximately 19 inches is spread out evenly over the year, so the area stays moderately dry. An average rainfall of 2.58 inches makes August Durango's wettest month, while June stakes its claim as the area's driest with an average rainfall of 0.8 inches.


Winters are usually mild and sunny, and the average temperature ranges between 10 and 50 degrees. Due to Durango's location in a sun-drenched valley, snow removal stays manageable, despite a normal annual snowfall of around 71 inches.


Spring in southwestern Colorado naturally brings warmer weather and more rain. You'll be amazed at the kaleidoscope of natural beauty as the local flora and fauna return to life in the high mountain desert.


Summer in Durango is moderate and comfortable since temperatures seldom climb higher than the upper 80s. Durango's rivers and reservoirs are continuously replenished by melting snows from the San Juan Mountains, providing you and your family hours of outdoor entertainment and adventure.


Fall days are comfortably cool and dry. With an average temperature around 65º, and an average precipitation of 1.7 inches, autumn is the perfect time for an exhilarating mountain hike or a relaxing drive on one of Durango's Scenic Byways or Mountain trails.

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