Ordinance on Chickens

The City of Durango has an ordinance that regulates keeping chickens inside city limits. Read this ordinance, Chapter 27-Article 1-Section 10-1-30 online.


Historically, Durango's City Council has been discussing chickens for nearly a century.

On August 7, 1917, Durango's City Council heard a complaint from a Mrs. Born that her neighbor maintained a chicken house abutting her residence; that the odors emanating were very disagreeable and conditions very unsanitary and a nuisance to her property and comfort. Mayor Jackson and City Manager Hood had already inspected the premises. The commissioners (as the members of City Council were called at that time) moved to instruct Hood to advise Mr. Charles Thompson, the malfeasor in the premises, to abate the nuisance.

Read about it in the actual minutes online.