Guidelines for Pet-Friendly Trail Use

Etiquette Guidelines

It's important to remember that the city's trails and open space areas are multiuse areas. We share them with other people, dogs, mountain bikes, and often, wildlife. To promote a positive experience for all users we encourage pet owners and trail users to follow a few trail etiquette guidelines:

  • Honor the leash requirement — All pets are required to be on a leash while enjoying the city's trails, except for in the Off-Leash Area.
  • Respect the trails – Clean up after yourself and your pet; it's the pet owner's responsibility to remove pet waste from the trail. Keep the trails clean for yourself and others to use and enjoy.
  • Be conscious of other trail users — Some trails users may be uncomfortable or fearful of dogs. If you suspect the person isn't comfortable, consider stepping aside or "sit" your dog while the person passes.

Waste Bags

The city works hard to provide pet waste collection bags in the event that you leave your bag at home. Look for conveniently located garbage containers to dispose of pet waste and other garbage along the trails as well. Do your part; never leave your poo bags along the side the trail!