Legal Notices

Legal noticing requirements, and where to access the notices

Per Article X, Section 6 of the City Charter, Legal notice provisions, the City of Durango's legal notices must be publicized in a manner determined by the City Council.  To date, they are published in the Durango Herald.  Also, the City's Public Records Portal is your site for searching and accessing more than 5,300 of the City's legal notices (a few of them back to 1946): select Proof of Publication as your Search Type.   Another publicly searchable Search Type on that page is Ordinances, where you can view the actual text of adopted City ordinances.

This page provides a snapshot of current/recent legal notices of the City of Durango, and does not serve as a replacement of all of the notices published in the local newspaper.

Public hearings by City Council

  1. Ordinance O-2021-23: LUDC changes for e-vehicles downtown (PDF)
  2. Ordinance O-2021-23: LUDC changes for e-vehicles downtown; and O-2021-24: City departments changes (PDF)
  3. Ordinance O-2021-24: Changes in the organization of City departments, etc. (PDF)
  4. Ordinance O-2021-25: 2022 Appropriations (with exhibit) (PDF)
  5. Ordinance O-2021-26: 2022 Capital Expenses Appropriations (with exhibit) (PDF)
  6. Ordinance O-2022-01: sewer rates (PDF)
  7. Ordinance O-2022-01: sewer rates increase (PDF)
  8. Ordinance O-2022-02: Commercial use of required onsite parking (PDF)
  9. Ordinance O-2022-02: Exhibit A (LUDC text) re: Commercial Use of Required Onsite Parking (PDF)
  10. Ordinance Nos. O-2022-03 through 09: published by title on 3/19/2022 (PDF)
  11. Ordinance O-2022-03: International Fire Code, 2018 edition (PDF)
  12. Ordinance O-2022-04: International Fuel Gas Code, 2018 edition (PDF)
  13. Ordinance O-2022-05: International Residential Code, 2018 edition (PDF)
  14. Ordinance O-2022-06: International Mechanical Code, 2018 edition (PDF)
  15. Ordinance O-2022-07: International Plumbing Code, 2018 edition (PDF)
  16. Ordinance O-2022-08: International Energy Conservation Code, 2018 edition (PDF)
  17. Ordinance O-2022-09: International Building Code adoption (PDF)
  18. Ordinance O-2022-10: Charter Communications utility easement to serve Avenida del Sol (PDF)
  19. Ordinance Nos. O-2022-11 and 12 by title: LPEA service to Animas High School and water rates (PDF)
  20. Ordinance Nos. O-2022-13 and 14 by title: KB Durango and 1275 Escalante Drive Addition (PDF)
  21. Ordinance O-2022-13: KB Durango apartment complex at Three Springs (PDF)
  22. Ordinance O-2022-14: 1275 Escalante Drive Addition annexation (PDF)
  23. Ordinance O-2022-15: Agile Space Industries facility lease at 820 Airport Road (PDF)
  24. Ordinance O-2022-16: e-bikes at Twin Buttes (PDF)
  25. Ordinance O-2022-17: emergency ordinance to impose fire and smoking restrictions (PDF)
  26. Ordinance O- 2022-18: LUDC changes of zoning of fire and police stations in CB Central zone (PDF)
  27. Ordinance O-2022-19: Three Springs parking requirements (PDF)
  28. Public hearing 05/26/2022: Citizen Initiated Ordinance O-2022-18 (PDF)
  29. Public hearing 06/07/2022: Highway 3 annexation for Durango Mesa Park (PDF)
  30. Public hearing 06/20/2022: Animas Cliffs at 1700 CR 203 (PDF)
  31. Public hearing 06/20/2022: Asher Aviation Group LLC ground lease for hangars at DRO (PDF)
  32. Public hearing 06/20/2022: Charter Communications easement near Avenida Del Sol to serve Espero Apartments (PDF)
  33. Public hearing 06/20/2022: Fastrack easement to serve Hillcrest Golf Course (PDF)
  34. Public hearing 06/20/2022: River Trail Apartments at Mercury Village

Public hearings by the City's Planning Commission