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Select a Search Type from the drop-down list to the right. Each search type includes keyword fields to narrow your search.  We highly recommend, for now, that you use the INDEXED SEARCH rather than the FULL TEXT SEARCH.  The latter tends to hang up your session when you attempt to pull up an actual record in your results to view it.  We have a plan for remedying this problem, later in 2022.  One way to work around that issue, and still have the benefit of searching the actual text of records, is to use your FULL TEXT SEARCH results to show you the date to search for in the INDEXED SEARCH for that category of documents.

Search tips: 
1.  When typing a search within an index field, enclose *your text* in asterisks (e.g. to find *budget* in Search Terms in the Search Type that we have labeled Minutes - INDEXED SEARCH).
2.  Enclose a full text "exact phrase" search term in quote marks.
3.  Broaden, or narrow, your search if you are seeing too few, or too many, results.

 After you click Search, scroll down to see the results.
Email us if you need help with your search.

If you see a "This document is currently unavailable" message, please click on the blue and green icon below that message to open the PDF file.

Click here for examples and tips for searching for City records on this page.

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