City Council

Coronavirus emergency meeting adjustments

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus emergency and the stay-at-home order, the City of Durango will adjust upcoming public meeting procedures. Starting April 3rd, community members need to add their comments to an agenda item via email. For all the details, please read the full news release here.

A Message From the Mayor

Welcome to Durango! As officials of our wonderful city, we are excited about creating a thriving, healthy quality of life for the Durango community and we work hard to keep the flavor of Durango’s fascinating historical heritage very much alive. With over 550 full- and part-time employees, plus seasonal help, our goal is to provide excellence in city government with outstanding results.

Email City Council

Send an email to (this email address also includes the City Manager) or click on a Councilor below to contact them directly.


Melissa Youssef - Mayor

Dean Brookie - Mayor Pro Tem

Kim Baxter - Councilor

Chris Bettin - Councilor

Barbara Noseworthy - Councilor

Our Commitment

We strive to offer great facilities and services that meet our residents' and visitors' needs. We are dedicated to promoting a sustainable economic viability while we responsibly steward our community's resources. And finally, we have a strong commitment to protect our environment and preserve the open space of our beautiful natural lands. We hope you enjoy Durango as much as we do!

Duties & Responsibilities

All City Council members serve the community at large and thus do not represent specific wards or precincts. The mayor is recognized as the head of the city government and presides at all meetings, but has no regular administrative duties and no power of veto. The position of mayor is held by a councilmember for one year and the current members of council vote amongst themselves each April to decide who will hold the mayor and mayor pro tem position. The City Council makes policy and legislative decisions for the City of Durango.


Regular City Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of every month, beginning at 6:30pm. Less formal study sessions are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, beginning at 4:00pm. The meetings are held in the Smith Council Chambers at City Hall. Because there may be changes in the schedule, please check the schedule of meetings. Agendas for the meetings are posted on the preceding Fridays.

How to participate in a City Council meeting

Each regular City Council meeting (held on the first and third Tuesdays of every month, beginning at 6:30 p.m.) offers an opportunity for public participation. The Public Participation section of the agenda is set aside for questions or comments by the public regarding items that do not otherwise appear on the agenda.

If you would like to address City Council during Public Participation, wait until the mayor announces the agenda item and raise your hand. When called on, please step up to the podium and state your name and address for the record. You may then address your comments or questions to City Council. Please limit your time to 3 minutes to give other members of the public a chance to speak. When you are finished, you may return to your seat. Council will listen to all of the public participation before responding. If you have audio/video for your presentation, you must deliver the files to the City Clerk no later than 12 Noon, the day of the meeting. Files will not be accepted at the meeting.

Please be aware that regular City Council meetings are televised live on DGOV, on Charter Cable HD channel 981, SD channel 191, over the air for antenna users on channel 10.1, and on-demand at DGOV's webpage.