MidTown Safety and Connectivity

A public meeting to receive feedback on the conceptual design alternatives will be held at 5 P.M. on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, at the Durango Public Library.

The conceptual plans for the MidTown Safety and Connectivity Improvement Design can be found here

The final traffic study can be found here.

  1. Current Status

About the project

The MidTown Safety and Connectivity project will design improvements to create a safer connection into downtown Durango from the north for pedestrians and bicyclists. It was prioritized by the Multimodal Advisory Board in 2019 and improvements are identified in the 2016 Multimodal Transportation Plan.  

This area is the northern pedestrian and cyclist gateway into downtown Durango with the Animas River Trail connection on East 2nd Avenue and the shared-use path on that connects at the Florida Road, East 3rd Avenue and 15th Street intersection. 

This project will involve evaluating and designing:14th St 

  • Improvements to the Florida/3rd/15th intersection  
  • A two-way cycle track on East 2nd Avenue
  • Improvements to the sidewalk network  
  • Improvements to curb ramps and crossings for ADA compliance and accessibility
  • Improvements to the transit stop on 14th Street for better accessibility
  • A new school crossing at 13th St and East 2nd Avenue 
  • Bike lanes on streets in the area 

In addition to these design improvements, the Colorado Department of Transportation is working with design firm SEH on a traffic study of the scope area and Main Avenue (US HWY 550).

This project is not directly associated with the Durango Renewal Partnership Urban Renewal Authority (URA), which aims to revitalize the MidTown area by stimulating more infill development and redevelopment that is pedestrian and bicycle friendly. The Safety and Connectivity project will complement and help achieve this overall vision for the MidTown area.

Project design cost: $294,607

Project funding: 2015 Half Cent Sales and Use Tax Funds

Where is MidTown?

The parameters for this project are the Animas River, 13th Street, East 3rd Avenue, and Main Avenue (US HWY 550). The MidTown Safety and Connectivity project is specific to the right-of-way, road and sidewalk, in this area. The highlighted streets in the map below show the project scope.  

                               A map of MidTown