Approximately 20% of residential trash that is sent to landfill in Durango is made up of food waste that could be composted!

Composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions and recycles food waste to improve soil quality, increase soil carbon sequestration and help plants thrive!

Taking food waste out of your trash bin also helps reduce odor and avoid wildlife conflicts.

  1. Curbside Compost Collection
  2. Backyard Composting

The City of Durango has partnered with local company Table to Farm Compost to offer citywide curbside compost collection!

Curbside collection is available for residents and businesses in Durango and starts at $25 per month for weekly food waste collection. For $34 per month, residents can sign up for both food waste and glass collection. 

Residential Table to Farm Compost customers are also eligible to 5-gallons of free finished compost each year and receive a year-round discount on compost and artisan soil!

SIGN UP today!

For more information, contact Table to Farm Compost at or 970-601-3113.