For a typical Durango household, compostable food waste makes up about 20% of all trash sent to the landfill. County-wide, from all sources, as much as 40% of material that goes to our landfill could have been composted.

Composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions and turns food waste to into a valuable product which improves soil quality, increases soil carbon sequestration, and helps plants thrive! Durango residents can now sign up for curbside pickup composting service through Table to Farm Compost to divert their food waste from the landfill. Residents can also manage their own compost, provided they follow the city codes for composting.

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The City of Durango is currently partnered with local company Table to Farm Compost to offer citywide curbside compost collection for residents and businesses.

Table to Farm also offers glass collection as well as a selection of artisan soils and finished compost to use in home gardens. Customers who are signed up for curbside compost service can receive discounts and special offers on soil and finished compost purchases.

Sign up today!

Visit the Table to Farm Compost website for more information on service rates at to sign up. See our the curbside compost program flyer below for more information, or contact Table to Farm Compost at or (970) 601-3113.


Kick it to the Curb! Compost to Reduce Landfill Waste (PDF)

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