Bike Rack

Bike Parking

In an effort to improve the pedestrian way in the central business district and in response to demand from local businesses along Main Avenue, the City of Durango will implement the following on street bike parking program in coordination with interested parties.

Rules & Restrictions

Cycle corrals may be installed at the rate of one per block (one on each side of Main Avenue), business owners and the City must obtain the approval of the project by the majority of businesses one block in each direction where cycle corral is proposed. Each project will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Current bike corral locations:

  • Carver Brewing Co.
  • Maria's Bookshop
  • Mountain Bike Specialists
  • Durango Coffee Company
  • Gazpacho's

Need More Info?

To request a bike corral location, please fill out our application (PDF).

For more information please contact Amber Blake at (970)375-4949 or email Amber Blake.