Homelessness Strategic Planning

Homelessness Strategic Plan Project Overview

La Plata County and the City of Durango have co-funded an effort to develop a strategic plan to identify short-, mid-, and long-term strategies to reduce homelessness in La Plata County, with a focus on areas within and around the City of Durango. The Athena Group and partners Arlosoul, and Heather Martinez, are leading this initiative. The consultant team brings expertise in affordable housing and homelessness, bridge-building facilitation of community conversations, and strategic illustration that allows a community to see itself in new ways and find mutually satisfying paths forward.  

The Durango-La Plata County Planning and Action Team on Homelessness (PATH) - including people with lived experience in homelessness, service providers, businesses and other concerned citizens - has been assembled to build shared understanding about the experience of homelessness in the greater Durango area, set actionable goals and develop strategies that are feasible, impactful and sustainable. 

The chart to the right provides a snapshot of the project process. It is intensive and condensed into a tight timeline in order to maximize the potential of implementing high priority, actionable strategies by the time winter returns to La Plata County. 

The timeline requires that the PATH work as a highly productive and collaborative team prepared to participate in community-oriented decision-making and to actively communicate with the broader community throughout the process.

Regular updates to City and County elected officials will occur throughout the process.

Homelessness Strategic Plan Process Map