Computers, WiFi, Fax, Scan & Copy

  1. Public Computers
  2. Wireless
  3. Fax, Scan and Copy

Public Computers are available during normal hours of operation.

To use a computer you will need a valid library card or a guest pass.
Age restrictions apply to kids and teen computers areas.
Computers are filtered in accordance with Colorado Law.
All computers have Internet access unless otherwise noted.

Computer Areas
Toddler Computers - 20 minute sessions (No Internet or printing)
Kids Computers - 30 minute sessions
Teen Computers - 30 or 60 minute sessions
Express Computers - 15 minute sessions (lobby area)
Lower Floor Computers - 30 minute sessions (1st floor near DVDs)

2nd Floor Computers - 60 minute sessions (2nd floor)
Flat Bed Scanner PCs - 30 minute session (2nd floor)
Word Processing/Grant Research - 120 minutes sessions (2nd floor, No Internet)

Printing is available from computers (unless otherwise noted) at a cost of $.10 per page for B/W or $.50 per page for color. Double-sided printing is also available.

Computers must be used as is, no additional software or hardware may be installed.   Users are required to confirm their agreement to the Library Internet Policy after logging in  to the computer before Internet access is granted.