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The DRO Air Carrier Apron Project started on Monday, August 3, 2020.

The commercial apron at the Durango - La Plata County Airport consists of a concrete section and an asphalt section.  The asphalt section contains approximately 10,400 square yards of pavement. The asphalt portion of the commercial apron was originally constructed in 1987 and was last overlaid in 2012.  This area began experiencing severe rutting and alligator cracking in the Spring of 2019.  Contributing factors include the effects of general aging, water infiltration, evidence of asphalt stripping in some of the layers, limited movement due to the action of years of freeze-thaw cycles, as well as typical movement and cracking due to sub-grade conditions.  During the geotechnical investigation for the 2012 project, severe degradation of the bottom layers of the existing asphalt was noted.  This year's rehabilitation and reconstruction of this airfield pavement will ensure that the airport can provide uninterrupted access to the terminal facility for commercial and other airport traffic.

The general schedule is shown below.  Please CLICK HERE for a diagram to reference.  This project was designed in phases so as not to disrupt commercial or GA air service.

Phase 1B -  08/03/20 – 08/21/20:

* Create footprint for commercial apron expansion to the north

* Construct addition to north end of commercial apron

Phase 1A & Phase 2 - Approx 08/07/20 – 09/08/20 (32 days, dependent on actual start date)

* Repair east side of commercial apron (apron keel) behind Gates  4, 4A, and 5

* Create new connector from south end of commercial apron to Taxiway A

Phase 3 - 09/17/20 – 10/07/20:

* Repair east side of commercial apron (apron keel) behind Gates 2 and 3

Phase 4 - 10/07/20 – 10/26/20:

* Repair east side of commercial apron (apron keel) behind Gate 1

20200807 DRO Apron Project - expansion and repair of commercial apron
20200803 DRO Air Carrier Apron - Project Phasing Exhibit
20190315 Term Improve

Land Acquisition for future DRO improvements

Below is a video of a recent presentation of Director of Aviation, Tony Vicari, at City Council with a great opportunity for land acquisition near the Durango-La Plata County airport.