City of Durango Streets 

The City of Durango maintains 83 center lane miles of roadway. This includes major and minor arterial streets, collector streets, and local neighborhood streets. To maintain the streets in the most efficient manner, the Street Department needs approximately five million dollars per year. This need is comprised of two general categories: Street Operations and Street Capital Improvement Projects. Street Operations and Street Capital Improvement Projects include many different items.

Street Operations consist of items such as:

  • pothole patching
  • crack sealing
  • centerline paint street markings and curb painting
  • concrete repairs
  • alley maintenance
  • snow plowing and snow removal
  • street cleaning/sweeping
  • spring and fall cleanup

Street Capital Improvement Projects consist of items such as:

  • street reconstruction
  • overlay
  • thin overlay
  • seal coats
  • alley paving
  • Americans with Disability Act (ADA) ramp construction
  • the 50/50 sidewalk program

As a result of the requirement to submit a balanced budget, included in the 2019 City Budget is $2,911,036 for Street Operations. In the 2019 budget, there is $0 for Street Capital Improvement Projects. The need for Street Capital Improvement Projects is demonstrated in the third section below.

2019 street Division Adopted budget


Street Operations: Street Maintenance: $1,839,497

Street Operations: Snow and Ice: $708,767

Street Operations: Street Cleaning: $362,772

Streets Capital Improvement Projects: $0

Total 2019 Street Budget Expenses: $2,911,036


Spring and Fall Cleanup Fees: $190,000

Highway Use and Fuel Tax revenue: $515,000

Total Revenue: $705,000

Total General Fund Contribution to the Streets Division: $2,206,036

The 2019 adopted budget results in deferred maintenance and delays in large capital projects, such as road reconstructions.


To plan for the Street Capital Improvement Projects, the City of Durango completes an Asphalt Condition Survey.

  • The City of Durango completes an Asphalt Condition Survey every 5 years to produce the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) score.
  • PCI Score rates streets from 100-0
    • 100=newly constructed street
    • 0=Street that has failed and needs to be reconstructed
  • Asphalt Condition Survey and PCI scores are used to create the 5-year Capital Improvement Projects list
  • The first survey was completed in 2013
  • The second survey was completed in 2018
  • The third survey is scheduled for Spring of 2023
    • The 2023 Survey will determine the 5 Year Capital Improvement Projects for 2023-2028


There are no Street Capital Improvement Projects included in the 2019 Adopted City budget. City Staff has compiled a 5 Year Capital Improvement Projects listing. The 5 Year Capital Improvement Projects are contingent upon future available funding. The identified street capital projects are not currently included in the adopted City budget. 

The Annual Street Capital Project Need is approximately $2,050,000 - $3,000,000 per year. 

Total Year 1 Annual Street Capital Project Need of approximately $2,050,000 includes the following categories:

  • Asphalt Treatments: $1,800,000
  • ADA ramp and sidewalk Improvements: $200,000
  • 50/50 Sidewalk Program: $50,000

Projects authorized to receive funding are subject to review and prioritization by City Council during the annual budget process. Yearly priorities are subject to change based on environmental conditions affecting street conditions.

5 Year Street Capital Projects Maps