Advanced Metering Infrastructure - Installation Project

The City of Durango has partnered with Zenner USA and Vanguard Utility Service to install new Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) throughout the City of Durango.

Starting in November 2018, Vanguard Utility Service will have trained technicians installing new water meters and associated radios throughout the City. This upgrade is required to ensure continued accuracy and life of the water meters within Durango. It will also improve operational efficiency, allow for leak detection, and improve the City's ability to provide customer service within our system. This meter change out is necessary and mandatory, and will require the cooperation of all the City's water customers.

Making An Appointment

Vanguard Utility Service will be mailing out post cards to customers requesting that appointments be made within a particular time-frame. Once you receive a postcard, please call or use the online form to make an appointment. To prepare for scheduling, please be ready to identify where your water meter is located (indoors in a crawl space or utility closet or outdoors in a meter pit).

Schedule Appointments by
Phone: 970-927-2500

Online Appointment Form

We appreciate your cooperation in this effort to improve the City's water infrastructure.

Additional information is located at the links below.

Informational Letter

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

What is Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)?

  • An AMI system refers to a system of both hardware and software for measurement and collection of data. The system starts with a meter which measures use and transfers that data through a radio in regular intervals. The system allows for centralized data collection but continues to allow for mobile (vehicle) or hand (walk by) readings. This allows for more frequent collection of data and data analysis, and is a two-way system that can be updated centrally or at the location of the meter.

Why is the City of Durango installing AMI?

  • Durango has utilized various metering and meter reading systems in the past, and the current system has come to the end of its useful life. This re-investment in metering and advanced reading systems will allow the City to increase accuracy, reduce the workload demand, increase frequency of meter reading, allow for leak and theft detection, evaluate outages, and improve overall system management.

What are the benefits for a resident?

  • The system allows for early detection of meter failure, improved billing accuracy, enhanced billing capacities, additional consumption detail, and leak/theft detection. All these items allow for more proactive maintenance and outreach to reduce waste and potential damage because of plumbing issues.

Who will install the meters?

  • The City has contracted with Zenner USA and Vanguard Utility Services to complete this project. Vanguard will be managing the installation process in conjunction with City Staff. All Vanguard or City of Durango representatives will have proper photo identification displayed on their outer garment.