Class Information

Durango Gymnastics offers many recreational gymnastics classes for school-aged children. Basic gymnastics skills are taught progressively to eventually lead up to the competitive team. Each child will move through the levels at their own pace, often times repeating the same level for multiple sessions until skill requirements are met.

Girls Gymnastics

Beginner Girls  Age 5 - 7     The first level for girls in recreational classes, children begin to learn the fundamentals of gymnastics technique and body control. The class becomes focused on the four women’s gymnastics events: Floor Exercise, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Vault. Classes are 50 minutes and meet once per week.  

Beginner Girls 2  Age 6 - 12     Our second level for girls begins to solidify the gymnastics basics by removing much of the coaches’ assistance and mats on skills. This often involves building up self-confidence through repetition and gradually decreasing assistance on skills. Coaches will often spot less, at this stage, helping gymnasts by modeling correct technique details such as tight legs and correct arm placement, and beginning and landing positions. Learning these details early is key to mastering harder skills later on.

Advanced Girls  Age 6 - 15     As the last level before Pre-Team, Advanced Girls are introduced to the progressions for beginning team skills and drilled on proper body position and technique. The performance element of the sport increases in importance, emphasizing proper finishing position and arms. Strength and flexibility training is introduced in the last 10 minutes of class, and girls are required to come to practice for more hours.

Beginner Girls  Age 8 & Up     This is a class is exclusively for girls looking to begin gymnastics at an older age. Structured similarly to our Beginner Girls 1 class, we often raise the expectations for focus and work ethic for this class based on emotional and intellectual maturity. Building upper body and core strength is often a focus for this class for girls with increasingly mature bodies.

Intermediate Girls  Age 6 - 15     As Intermediate Girls, gymnasts begin to progress beyond the basics and start to master more difficult skills. The technique learned in the Beginner’s classes is expected to transfer into their harder skills. Very little assistance is given, and proper form is expected on skills to consider them “mastered”. A certain amount of internal work ethic is expected and cultivated in this level, and gymnasts often come twice a week to practice although it is not required.

Pre-Team  Age 6 - 18 years     Pre-Team is the last recreational class before the competitive team. Gymnasts attend practice twice a week, in an hour and a half classes which include longer stretching and strength conditioning periods. Classes are often larger than recreational classes to mirror the dynamics of a competitive team, so strong listening skills and an internal work ethic are emphasized. Some beginning team skills are introduced and mastered for progression into learning the combination of skills in competitive routines.