Going Solar in Durango

With close to 300 days of sunshine every year, Southwest Colorado is a great place to go solar!

Solar Installations in Durango

The City of Durango receives an annual report from La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) detailing the number of net metered accounts within City Limits. This provides the number of solar photovoltaic systems installed behind-the-meter by LPEA members within the City of Durango.

Net Metered Accounts (2003-2019): 447

Total Installed Capacity: 2,956 kW

Net metered accounts within Durango City Limits generate over 4,500,000 kWh per year, saving carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to taking 687 cars off the road!

City of Durango Solar

The City of Durango is committed to promoting local renewable energy generation and has set goals of:

  • Generating 25% of municipal energy via on-site renewables by 2025 
  • Achieving 100% renewable electricity by 2050 and 50% renewable electricity by 2030.

The City has installed solar PV at the Durango - La Plata County Airport as well as cogeneration at the Santa Rita Water Reclamation Facility and Solar Thermal on the roof of the Recreation Center.

In 2019, the City was awarded a Gold SolSmart designation. The designation recognizes actions that the City has taken to make it cheaper and easier for residents and businesses to go solar. The SolSmart initiative is a national program funded by the U.S. Department of Energy - find out more here.

Solar Array at DRO
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Solar Permit Checklist

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