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Housing, ADUs, and Vacation Rentals
City of Durango Housing Initiative

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During the past year the Community Development Department has been developing a housing plan to serve as the foundation for the City’s housing program. A draft of the plan should be available by early 2017. View a powerpoint presentation about the 2016 Housing update.

The City also passed a construction defects ordinance to help encourage development of condominiums locally. A state law passed several years ago made increased condominium developers to greater liability, resulting in the statewide collapse of new condo development. The City’s ordinance, based on similar ordinances passed in Denver, Aurora, El Paso County and other Front Range places, seeks to preserve the rights of buyers while giving developers opportunities to repair problems before litigation.

Housing development has picked up over the last couple of years, including multi-family projects. The 101-unit Confluence Apartments in Three Springs was completed this past summer and was fully leased almost immediately. The 194-unit Rocket Apartments, on the site of the former Rocket Drive-In, is in process, but has not yet received final approvals form City Council. Other multi-family projects are in the development pipeline. 

In 2015, the Planning Department formed a citizen advisory committee to guide the planning and program development process, conducted a housing demand study in collaboration with the Regional Housing Alliance, began conducting an internal review of all relevant policies and regulations. The intent is to prevent the housing affordability constraints faced by other high quality of life communities in Colorado by leveraging market forces to develop the housing needed to meet current and future demand.  The housing program is projected to extend through 2018.

For more information, contact Mark Williams in the City of Durango Community Development Department at or (970) 375-4854.