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Sustainable Transportation & Transportation Demand Management

Get around Durango logoDurango is a community that encourages alternatives to using a single occupancy vehicle. Whether you walk, bike, ride our popular Durango T bus and trolley system, or carpool, our Multi Modal Division has resources for you. To the left, you’ll find a wealth of information about getting around Durango by modes other than a single occupancy vehicle. 


Multi Modal News

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National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project
September 22-24 & Sept 26

Thanks to each of our 70 volunteers who helped us out with the recent bicycle and pedestrian counts at 11 locations around Durango!

Every other year, the City of Durango performs bicycle and pedestrian counts as part of the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project.

While traditional traffic counts are useful for understanding traffic volumes and identifying traffic issues, they do not accurately reflect mode-share, since bicycle and pedestrian data is not collected. Without accurate and consistent figures, it is difficult to measure the positive benefits of investments in these modes. Having accurate data helps the City of Durango know how our infrastructure is being used and is necessary to secure grant funding for projects such as sidewalk repair, bicycle facilities, and transit system improvements. 

203926 CountingBikes2 copy.jpg
photo: Shaun Stanley/Durango Herald. See the Durango Herald article here

In the data below, we can see how bicycle and pedestrian traffic has changed overall since 2009.

overall pedestrian graph.JPG 

overall bicycle graph.JPG

October is National Pedestrian Month
The Surgeon General has declared October to be Pedestrian Month! Visit the website here to read the Call to Action, see the Walking Playlist on Pandora, find resources, and more!

Way to Go! Club

Join the Way to Go! Club and earn rewards for NOT driving alone...the more you use sustainable transportation, the more prizes you win.
Click here to watch the Inside Durango TV report!

Capture 2.JPG

Sharing the Road: Navigating the new Green Bike Features in Durango

The Colorado Department of Transportation, in coordination with the City of Durango’s Multi-Modal unit, has incorporated new safety features for cyclists as part of its US 160/US 550 Continuous Flow Intersection project (which includes many cycling, pedestrian and vehicle safety features through 9th Street).

Here’s how to navigate the new features….

Colored Bike Lane
Motorists are expected to yield right of way to bicyclists at these locations.  The dashed colored bike lanes are placed at areas of potential conflict, such as the start of right-turn lanes, right turns at signalized intersections from a through lane, and where right turns cross a bike lane. Motorists and cyclists should travel with added caution through the dashed areas.

Bike Box
A bike box is a designated area at the head of a traffic lane at a signalized intersection that provides bicyclists with a safe and visible way to get ahead of queuing traffic during the red signal phase. Bicyclists will have better left-turn positioning at intersections during the red signal phase and within the box, bicyclists are grouped together so they can clear an intersection quickly, minimizing the impediment to motorized traffic. As shown, motorists are instructed to WAIT HERE in advance of the bike box.

2-Stage Bike Box
Two-stage turn queue boxes offer bicyclists a safe way make left turns at multi-lane signalized intersections from a right side bike lane. The two-stage boxes also improve safety by separating turning bicyclists from through bicyclists (note the box is positioned adjacent to the through bike lane).

Signal Detection
Both types of Bike Boxes have multi-radar cyclist detection that turns the signal green for cyclists regardless of waiting motorized traffic. The same traffic detector is also used to turn the light green for motorists waiting in their respective lanes.

Pedestrians and cyclists have the right to travel along and across roadways, and increases in congestion are leading more people to choose walking and biking for transportation. While pedestrians and cyclists have historically represented a small portion of the total traffic volume along roadways, typically less than two percent nationwide, in 2012 they accounted for more than 14 percent of all traffic fatalities. As a result, legislation and policies are being enacted across the US to help protect these highway users—including here in Colorado (CRS 43-1-120).The field of bicycle and pedestrian transportation is rapidly evolving, and new highway features to accommodate these modes of travel may be unfamiliar to many. But it’s only a matter of time until these features become very recognizable, as cities and states continue to deploy them nationwide.  ~Colorado Department of Transportation

Bike / Walk Savings Calculator
Calculate your savings for biking and walking.

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