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Public Art Commission
Commission Overview
The mission the the Public Art Commission is to enhance public spaces with an engaging and diverse art collection, accessible to everyone.
The duties and responsibilities of the Commission include:   
  • Advise the City Council and Staff with respect to all aspects of planning, programming, procurement, installation, operations, maintenance, restoration, and promotion of City-owned public art projects and artworks
  • Adopt criteria for review, selection, and placement of artwork for the City's public art program
  •  Advise the City Council and Staff on matters related to arts and culture, including the development of policies, processes, and projects
  • Serve as advocates for the City’s public art program
  •  Perform other duties as may be assigned by City Council or City Manager
  • Work in conjunction with other City boards and commissions as appropriate on public art projects on City-owned property and make recommendations as necessary to other boards and commissions and to City Council 
  •  Work in conjunction with the Design Review Board on public art projects and proposals to be located in the Central Business District.

The Public Art Commission was established on June 15, 2004. 

At a Glance
Specifications Details
Established by Resolution 2016-10
Number on Board Seven regular members and one non-voting youth member through the Youth Engagement Program.
Length of Term Three years
Council Liaison Councilor Dean Brookie
Staff Liaison N/A
Regular Meeting Time Last Tuesday of every month at 8:00 am
Regular Meeting Location River City Hall

Current Members
Name Appointed Term Expires
Barbara Noseworthy 03/05/2018 01/31/2021
Josie Surmeier, Youth Appointee 05/04/2016 08/31/2017
Catherine Gore 02/23/2016 01/31/2019
Charles Leslie 02/23/2016  01/31/2019  
Carol Martin, Chair 02/07/2017 01/31/2020
Karen Schain 02/07/2017  01/31/2020
Cristie May Scott 02/07/2017 01/31/2020
Erin Murphy, Vice Chair 02/23/2016 01/31/2019