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City of Durango Housing Initiative
In response to City Council direction and state-wide housing market trends, the Planning staff is undertaking a multi-year housing program designed to improve the availability and quality of housing throughout the City.  With a $30,000 gap between median income and median home price in the City, as well as a rental vacancy rate below 2%, the strained housing market affects Durangoans at every income level.  Coupled with a projected population increase of 30,000 residents County-wide in the next 30 years, it is safe to say Durango faces a housing crisis.

In 2015, the Planning Department formed a citizen advisory committee to guide the planning and program development process, conducted a housing demand study in collaboration with the Regional Housing Alliance, began conducting an internal review of all relevant policies and regulations, and initiated a housing supply analysis.  The intent is to prevent the housing affordability constraints faced by other high quality of life communities in Colorado by leveraging market forces to develop the housing needed to meet current and future demand.  The housing program is projected to extend through 2018.

On December 8, 2015, staff gave an update on the progress of the housing program to City Council. The presentation can be viewed here: City Council Study Session Housing Presentation.

For more information, contact Mark Williams in the City of Durango Community Development Department at or (970) 375-4854.