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Utitlity Warranties for Durango Residents
The National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program makes water and leaf-bg-slwa_0.jpgsewer line warranties available to city residents, and helps protect residents from expensive repairs.  Typically, homeowners’ insurance policies cover the cost to repair damage that is created by failed utility lines, but they generally do not pay to repair actual broken pipes or lines that are the responsibility of the homeowner.  This program gives residents the opportunity to obtain a low cost warranty to cover unexpected repairs for a low monthly fee, with no deductibles or service fees.  The work is performed by licensed, local plumbers who will call the customer within one hour of filing a claim. This program is administered by Service Line Warranties of America, which  provides a staffed 24/7 repair hotline for residents 365 days a year.

Program Highlights
The National League of Cities (NLC) Service Line Warranty Program is administered by Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) and offered at no cost to the city with affordable rates for homeowners. 
Enrollment is 100% voluntary and will protect a homeowner in the event of a service line failure.
The NLC Service Line Warranty Program serves as an educational tool for municipalities to educate homeowners on their responsibility for water and sewer lines. 
The program provides generous coverage up to $4,000 per repair incident, with an additional allowance for public street or sidewalk cutting. 
The program has no annual or lifetime limits, service fees or deductibles.  
Many factors can contribute to line failure including tree root intrusion, ground shifting and weather – all factors which are covered through this program. 
Because of coverage, homeowners are more likely to report problems with their service lines which can help improve water conservation and prevent ground pollution. 
The program uses only licensed, local contractors thoroughly vetted through a third party agency to ensure quick response and quality service. 
This program is offered at no cost to the municipality and no public funds are used to promote or administer this program. 
The city receives a royalty payment as part of the partnership. The proceeds generated by royalty payments are dedicated to the City’s low-income utility rebate program, which helps city residents who meet the eligibility criteria offset the cost of their utility payments.  
For questions about this service, or to enroll, please contact Service Line Warranties of America at 866-425-6222 or visit www.SLWofA.com.

For more information on the program please visit: www.slwofa.com or call: 866-425-6222.