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Adaptive Recreation

The City of Durango supports the Americans with Disabilities Act. Qualified individuals with disabilities will be provided with reasonable program accommodation in order to receive equal opportunity to be included in all programs. Persons with a disability needing reasonable accommodations to attend or participate in a program or activity, please contact Kelli Jaycox at (970) 375-7305. Advance notice of 10 days is appreciated and will further enable us to accommodate you.

 Dream League

The Dream League offers
participants and volunteers an inclusive opportunity to Play Ball, Make Friends, and Have Fun!

DL Team Photo 2014.jpg

It doesn't matter what your disability is. Teams and players will have volunteers to assist them with fielding the ball, running the bases, and batting. For those of you who are experienced ball players a volunteer may not be needed.

Calling Volunteers...
Volunteers, ages 12 to adult, are needed to assist with Coaching, Umpiring, Announcing, and Assisting Players with the game. Come out to support your family, friends, and community!

Young or Old... it's a chance to play ball, support the players, have fun and enjoy the outdoors! No experience is necessary.

Player & Volunteer...

Contact: Chris Clements
(970) 375-7324
Softball Volunteer Meeting June 28, 2017
Softball July 10-August 14, 2017

Indoor Floor Hockey October 3-November 7, 2017