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Green Events Guide

Tips for Event Organizers

The City encourages event organizers to reduce the environmental impacts of special events.

Impacts can be greatly reduced by considering:
  • Energy Usage
  • Local Sources of Food & Products
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Waste Reduction
  • Public Outreach & Education

Energy Use
The energy required for an event varies depending upon whether the event is held indoors or outside. If the event is held indoors, try to find a location that uses natural day-lighting or renewable sources of energy. If the event is held outside, plan the event during daylight hours, when electricity won't be needed for lighting. In addition, if possible, hold the event at a location that is accessible by bicycle routes, trails, sidewalks or mass transit.

Local Sources of Food & Products
Using local products reduces energy demands in the form of fuel for transportation, and it boosts our local economy!

Pollution Prevention
Hold your event at a location accessible by alternative modes of transportation and encourage participants to use them. Provide a bicycle valet service for participant convenience.

Public Outreach & Education
In all marketing materials, encourage participants to carpool to the event or use alternative transportation, bring their own water bottle or cup, and to recycle their waste rather than placing it in trash bins. Post volunteers at each recycling station to assist participants and to educate about recycling. Advertise your efforts to host a green event!

Waste Reduction
  • Reduce the need for supplies like printed materials by sending postcards rather than letters and envelopes – or better yet – send electronic invitations and flyers. Reduce the need for utensils by serving finger foods. Encourage participants to bring their own water bottles or cups. Purchase items made from recycled material and that are recyclable in Durango's Recycle program. Eliminate excess food packaging – buy in bulk.
  • Reuse supplies from previous events. Have signs and banners printed without specific dates so that they can be used again. Choose reusable dishes and utensils instead of disposables. Use decorations that can be saved and reused. Donate unused food and unopened beverages to a local charity.
  • Recycle any items that can't be reused and that are accepted in Durango's Recycle program. Plastic bottles, mixed papers (not dark or fluorescent colors), corrugated cardboard, aluminum and tin cans, as well as mixed glass are all recyclable in Durango. Provide well marked recycling bins next to all trash bins. Make sure vendors are aware of recycling efforts.
  • Compost food scraps. Encourage event planning staff to take scraps to their home composting bins.
  • Looking for an alternative to bottled water?  Consider renting one of the City's bulk water stations for your special event! For more information, contact the Sustainability Division.

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Imogen Ainsworth
City of Durango Sustainability Coordinator