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Single Stream Recycling
Single Stream Recycling Collection

Durango is making exciting new changes to the recycling program! The new single stream recycling program makes recycling easier than ever!

Under the single stream recycling program, all recyclables, except for glass, can be combined in ONE container. This means less time sorting recyclable materials. Using one collection container for all of your recyclable items increases the ease and convenience of recycling, which encourages more people to recycle and conserves more resources.
Currently the City offers curbside recycling to be collected in automated recycling containers. Durango Residents who are interested in participating in the new program need to sign up to receive a 60 or 90-gallon curbside recycling container.

Sign Up to Receive a Single Stream Recycling Container Today!

Single Stream Recylcing Container


The single stream recycling program allows city residents to recycle more products. Click here to learn more about what can be recycled in the City's Single Stream Recycling Program.   

Single Stream: Accepted Products

  Single Stream Acceptable Material

Single Stream: Not Accepted
Although the City has added new products to the list of acceptable materials, the following products are NOT accepted in the Single Stream Recycling Program. 

Glass Bottles and Jars

No Glass 

 Plastic Bags or Plastic Film

Plastic bags are not accepted in the Single Stream Program. Plastic bags are recyclable at most local grocery stores; however,they are NOT accepted in the City's program.   

No Plastic Bags or Plastic Film 

Including: To-go containers, meat packaging trays, cups etc.                                     

  No Styrofoam  Garbage   No Garbage
 Bagged Recyclable* Frozen Food Packaging Organic Material
Including: Food Scraps or Yard Waste 
 Disposable or Compostable Utensils, Plates, and/or Cups

*Shredded paper (cross-cut/confetti style shredded paper not accepted) is the only product that will be accepted in a plastic bag. All other recycleables should be loose and unbagged when they are placed in curbside recycling containers.