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What Can Be Recycled
Durango Recycles!

Cardboard & Mixed Paper 
Recycle Symbol Newspaper, Magazines & Catalogs
Recycle Symbol Corrugated Cardboard
Recycle Symbol Mixed Paper
Recycle Symbol Paperboard (shoe and cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, egg cartons, etc.)
Recycle Symbol Cartons
Recycle Symbol Junk mail -- (opened and sorted), catalogs, greeting cards, pamphlets, advertisements, booklets, envelopes
Recycle Symbol Phone Books and Paperback Books
Recycle Symbol Paper Bags
Recycle Symbol Miscellaneous Items: Accounting ledgers, check stock, adding machine tape, school papers, carbonless paper (NCR), index cards, register receipts, paperback books (covers removed), white paper sacks, stamps, staples,
                If you are concerned about confidentiality, please shred (and bag) documents before recycling.

Unacceptable Items 
Tyvek (Fed-Ex type), hanging file folders, metal fasteners, litter bags, compact disks,  promotional items such as credit cards, carbon paper, heat-sensitive fax paper, paper clips, Mylar blueprints, label sheets, gift wrap, photos, gum and candy wrappers, hardcover books, tissues, paper towels, paper cups, spiral binders, plastic sheets, rubber bands, Cross-Cut/Confetti office shred.

Corrugated Cardboard Recycling
Flattened corrugated cardboard may be dropped off at any time at the Durango Recycling Center located at 710 Tech Center Dr.

We recycle all rinsed aluminum cans, steel (tin) cans and lids, aluminum foil and pie plates, empty and depressurized aerosol cans, empty paint cans, and metal jar lids and bottle caps.
Recycle Symbol Steel Cans
Recycle Symbol Aluminum Cans, Foil & Pie Plates
Recycle Symbol Loose Metal Jar Lids & Bottle Caps
  • All cans must be rinsed, but labels may be left on.
  • Pinch the open end of all "tin" cans to prevent other products from falling inside.
  • Empty aerosol / paint cans are acceptable.
  • Metal jar lids and bottle caps are acceptable.
  • All other types of metal scrap are prohibited.

We recycle rigid plastics that are marked with the number 1 through number 7. Please empty all food and liquid from plastic containers and rinse them before recycling. Remove plastic lids and caps and recycle them separately.

Recycle Symbol

#1 Through #7 Plastic Bottles, Jugs, Tubs, Trays and Containers

  • Plastic lids are also accepted. 
  • Be sure to look for the recycling symbol on the bottom of your plastic container before you place it in the recycling container!
  • Plastic bags are NOT accepted.

View the plastics recycling webpage for more details on plastics.

We Recycle Glass
We recycle glass separately from the single stream material. Glass is not collected curbside. Glass can be recycled at the Durango Recycle Center at 710 Tech Center Drive. Glass recycling is free. 

  • Please rinse and remove all metal.
  • Place rinsed mixed glass in appropriate bins at drop-off site.
  • Light bulbs, tempered, and automotive glass is not accepted.
  • Glass containers from laboratories are not accepted.

 Do the Right Things

 Recycling is important, and recycling the right way is even more important! Recycling the right way helps keep the single stream material clean and free from contaminates, and it keeps recyclable materials out of the landfill. Please carefully follow the City’s Single Stream Recycling Guidelines and only place products in your recycling container that are accepted in the City’s Single Stream Recycling Program. Do the right things—keep recyclables clean and free of contaminates!