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Residential Garbage Collection Fees
Service Fee Overview
Container Size Collections Per Week Monthly Residential
 Recycling Rate 
Monthly Trash Collection Rate  Extra Collection Fee Overloaded
60-Gallon 1 $7.31  $11.54 $11.78 $11.78 
90-Gallon 1 $10.93  $15.86 $11.78 $11.78 

The rental fee for a wildlife-resistant trash containers is $4 per month for four and a half years.  Once you start using a bear can, you cannot change back to a regular can in this four and a half year period.

Other Garbage Collection Fees
Garbage Collection Item Fee 
Bulk Trash Pickup call 375-4861 $90 per truckload plus $10 per appliance
Residential missed trash pickups (due to inaccessible can on regular pickup day).  There is also a fee for an overloaded residential can.  It is overloaded if the lid will not close. $11.78 for extra collection; $11.78 for overloaded cans
Lost or stolen containers No cost if the customer files a police report at (970) 385-2900 and provides City Operations with the case number; City Operations can be reached at (970) 375-5004. Without a case number, the cost to replace the can is:
  • $65 for a 60-gallon can
  • $75 for a 90-gallon can
Damaged containers
  • $65 for a 60-gallon can 
  • $75 for a 90-gallon can
  • $165 for a 60-gallon bear can
  • $185 for a 90-gallon bear can
Special Events Contact Alex Wilkinson at (970) 375-7337 for more information.
Temporary Containers
These containers can be delivered to your city location and can stay for 2 months. There is a delivery fee and a fee for each time the container is dumped. You must call, 375-5004, to make arrangements to have the temporary container dumped. If the temporary container is not dumped in a month time period then a service fee of $25.00 will be added to the bill and the city will pick-up the temporary container.
  • $23.57 for Delivery Fee