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Traveling with Pets
Air Travel
Considering taking your pet with on your trip? If so, make sure your pet will be able to fly.
  • Are you completely comfortable traveling with your pets? If you have any doubts about traveling with animals you should consider another method or leaving your pets at home.
  • See your specific airlines rules regarding traveling with pets. Some airlines have restrictions on certain breeds of animals, check with your airline for specifics. Make sure the airline knows the breed you are traveling with. Many airlines charge a fee for animals.
  • Select nonstop flights, and try to minimize temperature extremes. During the summer months, some airlines will not accept pets to travel in the cargo hold. Check with individual airlines for details.
  • Take your pet to the veterinarian to have all of the necessary health certificates, and make sure your pet is healthy enough for travel. Your vet may be able to offer some ideas to make traveling on your pet easier. Pets must be over 8 weeks old to travel.
  • If traveling to Hawaii or outside the continental United States, your pet will require special vaccinations and quarantine periods. Check the rules of the country you are traveling to as some countries require special rules regarding animals brought into the country.
  • Be sure your pet is comfortable in its kennel. Attach information including your name, phone number, and flight information to the kennel and the pet's collar. Have food, water, and a favorite toy available during the trip. Take your pet out to go to the bathroom before putting them in the kennel for check in.

For more information, please view the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) website