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Building Plans
Two sets of building plans must accompany your building permit application and the application must be signed by the owner or the designated contractor. One set of approved plans will be returned upon issuance of the building permit. One set will remain in the Building Department throughout the completion of the project.

Section 106 of the International Building Code (IBC) and Section R106 of the International Residential Code (IRC) set forth requirements for building plans:

Site / Plot Plans

  • Accurately scaled and dimensioned drawing, using Engineering scale
  • Show the property legal description
  • Show adjacent roadways, curb cuts, sidewalks, and driveways
  • Show any easements crossing the property
  • Show setbacks from property lines
  • Show water and sewer lines
  • Show the footprint of the building with dimensions
  • Show the direction of runoff
  • Show the topographic detail for lots with more than 10 feet of vertical change
  • Some areas in Durango require professional engineered plans
  • State Statute Title 12, Article 25 specifies which types of construction require a professional architect or engineer's stamp on building plans

Foundation Plans
  • Scaled using an Architectural Rule
  • Indicate the exterior dimensions with footings, stem walls, and any pads
  • Specify the material to be used (concrete or masonry)
  • Show the reinforcing steel, under-floor ventilation
  • Show stepped footings and walls
  • SkyRidge and Rockridge subdivisions require professional engineered foundations
  • State Statute Title 12, Article 25 specifies which types of construction require a professional architect or engineer's stamp on building plans
Floor Plans
  • Show the dimensions of all rooms
  • Indicate the sizes of all window and door openings
  • Show the size and layout of all floor joists and sub-floor material
  • Show the size and layout of wall studs and headers
  • Show the location of plumbing fixtures
  • Show the location of the furnace, water heater and/or boiler, fireplace, and stove
  • Show electrical layouts
  • Show any staircases

Roof Plans
  • Indicate the type of roof (truss or conventional frame)
  • Show the size and spacing of all members
  • Indicate the roof pitch
  • Specify the type of sheeting and roof covering

Note: The minimum snow load in most areas of the City of Durango is 40 pounds. However, depending on the location of the structure, the snow load may range between 40 pounds at elevations of 6,500 feet and 65 pounds at 7,700 feet.

Cross Sections
  • Provide the complete structural cross section of exterior and interior foundation system, floor framing, and support wall framing, and headers, etc., through the roof
  • Identify the sizes of all materials used and provide a description of those materials

Building Elevations: Exterior
  • Show, to scale, the front, rear, and side elevations of the structure
  • Include the height of the building, roof pitch, siding, window, and door locations and the finished grade adjacent to the structure