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Durango Community Park Master Plan
The proposed future 75-acre Community Park of Durango will be a people’s park and a community gathering space that embraces a variety of needs and uses to serve Durango’s growing population. The proposed site for this future park is located in the Three Springs Community Development, five miles from downtown Durango.

You can view the proposed Community Park layout.

To view the entire Community Park Master Plan, please visit SIRE, City of Durango's document library, by using the following directions:
  1. Go to SIRE and go to the column on the left
  2. Check box for "Plans, Reports & Studies"
  3. Scroll down and type in "Durango Community Park Master Plan"
  4. Select "Exact words" under the later
  5. Select the document to the right, by clicking on the little magnifying glass

The plan is a large document. Please be patient during the download.