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Current Projects
Sky Steps Trail
In April 2017 Trails 2000 will commence construction of the new Sky Steps linking Fort Lewis College to 10th Street in Durango.  This 4 foot trail staircase will start at the bottom near the Nature Trail and provide a total of 517 steps to the top at the Rim Trail.  View Map of Sky Steps Trail here.

Skyline Trailhead
The City of Durango had a neighborhood meeting on Thursday, March 9, 2017 to review proposed plans to construct parking and trailhead improvements for the Skyline Trail at the end of Jenkins Ranch road from 11 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  Plans for parking improvements at the trailhead area for the Skyline Trail, at the end of Jenkins Ranch Road, are being developed for implementation in spring 2017.  Ten (10) paved parking spaces have been planned on the east side of the road, in the same general area where parking currently exists, with a  small 5' wide sidewalk connection to the beginning of the soft surface Skyline Trail.  The project plans currently include grading and drainage improvements, including the use of permeable paving within the parking layout,  to address the stormwater and roadway drainage issues in the area, ultimately creating a better overall trailhead experience for trail users

Public Comments on the Proposed Skyline Trailhead as of 3-10-17
Proposed Skyline Trailhead Site Plan Render
Proposed Design Plan for the Skyline Trailhead - Engineering Drawings
Proposed Design Plan for the Skyline Trailhead - Colored Site Plan
Skyline Trailhead Construction Informational Signage on parking and Pedestrian Routes

Animas River Trail to SMART 160 Trail Connection

The City of Durango is evaluating the Animas River Trail to SMART 160 Trail connection with consideration of several alternatives.  The trail planning and design involves the area between River Road and the existing section of the SMART 160 Trail at the west end of the Grandview interchange.
Animas River Trail to SMART 160 Trail Connection

Durango Whitewater Park
Durango Whitewater Park in-stream construction is finished and open for boating. Construction on the shoreline amenities adjacent to the in-stream Whitewater Park features will continue the remainder of this year. To scout the Smelter Rapids at the Whitewater Park, use river right at the Off Leash Area (dog park) and portage river left and walk on the re-route of the Animas River Trail around the wastewater treatment plant to put back in near the restrooms.

The improvements will secure the City's Recreational In-channel Diversion (RICD) water rights for the Animas River.  The improved Whitewater Park will add features for top level and recreational boaters.

View the Whitewater Park Design

Whitewater Park Community Vision Workshop - November 21, 2013

Updated Information from the Whitewater Park Community Workshop

Preliminary Design Options

River Access Access Design Process
Please visit the River Access Design page for updated information and a list of public meetings.