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Paddle or Swim, Bike, Run Triathlon

Lake Nighthorse Triathlon

Register for the 1st Annual Lake Nighthorse Triathlon!
Event is on Saturday, September 8, 2018 

This triathlon features a paddling (2 miles) OR a swimming (1/2 mile) option with the bike (12.5 miles) and run (2.5 miles).  Take on a new summer challenge, this is not your traditional triathlon!  This fun event is open to all ability levels.  Race starts at 9 am.

Registration and Entry Fees:

  • Register at the Durango Community Recreation Center.
  • Early Bird Individual Registration $60
  • Individual Registration August 26 - September 6: $75
  • Early Bird Team Registration: $90
  • Team Late Registration August 26 - September 6: $120

Transition Area:  Staff will be on hand to monitor the transition area and assist participants.  All equipment and personal items must be kept in the Transition Area behind the barricades. No spectators are allowed in the Transition Area. Assistance to the racer is not allowed at any time. Racers must walk bikes in transition area.

Paddle:  Participants will carry their craft and start the paddle portion of the race at an old construction road just north of the secondary boat launch. Participants will paddle out and around the buoy and back to the secondary boat launch near the overflow parking lot. The paddle course is 2 miles. Paddlers should paddle out towards the pump station. The exit area will be well parked and volunteers will be present. A PFD is required to be worn and fastened.

Or Swim:  Participants have the choice of either paddling a 2 miles or swimming a 1/2 mile as part of the triathlon. 

Bike:  Follow course markings.  Follow the exits signs out of Lake Nighthorse, turn left on CR 210 and left Wildcat Canyon Road (CR 141), stay on Wildcat Canyon Road and turn around at CR 211. The turnaround point is at CR 211. Bikers will follow the same route back to Lake Nighthorse. Bikers will enter Lake Nighthorse in the exit lane. The bike course is 12.6 miles. Closed toe shoes and helmets are required. Helmets must be securely fastened before mounting the bike. All bikers must mount and dismount in the designated marked area. Bikers need to reduce speed when exiting and entering transition area and Lake Nighthorse. Obey all traffic laws. The road will be open to traffic throughout the race. It is the bikers’ responsibility to make sure it is safe and traffic is clear before crossing lanes.  Course Marshals and law enforcement will be available to assist. Bikers are expected to self-support on the course and fix mechanical issues. Drafting is not allowed. Headphones are not allowed. Your bib must be located on your bike or on the front of your shirt. If your bib is not visible you will be stopped by Lake Nighthorse staff at the gate entrance.

Run:  Follow course markings. Runners will start on the path at the over flow parking lot, run through the main parking lot and get back on the walking path. Runners will run to the gate and turnaround at the gate. Runners will follow the same route back to the finish line. Be aware of the public using the walking path and vehicles in the parking lot.  Closed toe shoes are required. The run is 2.5 miles.

Gear:  Participants are required to provide their own equipment for each leg of the event, a device to paddle, PFD (personal floatation device), bike, helmet, and running shoes. This race is open to ANY floatation device that you can paddle.

Packet Pick-Up:  Racers can pick up their bibs, race t-shirts at the Durango Community Recreation Center on Friday, September 7th from 4pm-7pm or at check-in from 7am-8:30am. We encourage racers to come Friday evening. T-shirt sizes are limited so come Friday to ensure you get the correct size! Bib must be secured to the bike or the shirt you will be wearing on the bike portion. If your bib is not visible you will be stopped by Lake Nighthorse staff at the gate entrance on the bike portion.

Chips: Chips will be given out on race day at the check-in area (over flow parking lot).  Relay teams must exchange their chip before the next team member may begin the next event. Bikers tagging off to runners must dismount in the designated area before tagging their teammate. 

More Information:  Post-race food, beer and awards immediately following the race.  Participants receive free entry. $5 for non-participants under 21 and $8 for non-participants 21 and over.  You may also email Parks and Recreation Staff for more information.