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Multi Modal Transportation Master Plan


Upcoming Meetings:

There are three more opportunities to give your input for the Multi Modal Transportation Master Plan Update before a draft is unveiled on October 10!

  • Monday, August 8: 11 AM - 1 PM @ Durango Public Library
  • Monday, August 22: 6:45 - 8 PM @ Ska Brewing
  • Thursday, September 29: 5-7 PM @ Durango Brewing Company
  • DRAFT Plan Unveiling Monday, October 10: 5-7 PM @ Carver's

Here's a glance at the comments received to date:
Multi Modal Transportatio Plan Statistics

The Multi Modal Transportation Master Plan (MMTMP) is a community-based, implementation-focused plan that examines our community’s needs for accessibility, public transit services, pedestrians, bicycles, safe routes to school, and connectivity between the transportation networks.

In 2016, the City is updating the 2012 MMTMP to reflect the current needs of our community, include a parking analysis, provide a more in depth look at public transit needs and accessibility deficiencies, and show completed projects since the plan was approved in 2012. Over 20 public meetings are scheduled to gather public input, generate new project ideas, and continue to enhance the community’s understanding and support of multi modal transportation.

The vision of the plan is that a middle-school age child can access transit, walk or bike independently throughout the City of Durango and its environs. In total, over 75 public meetings were held before the 2012 Master Plan was approved by City Council.

Purpose, Scope & Goals
The purpose of the Multi Modal Transportation Master Plan is to be a community-based, implementation-focused transportation plan that examines the needs for pedestrians, bicycles, and transit facilities. The plan establishes goals and objectives for each mode of transportation. It discusses safe routes to school, carpooling, park and rides, and other modes of transportation.

The scope of the Multi Modal Transportation Master Plan is the City of Durango's Comprehensive Planning Area. The goal of the plan is to establish a connected functional network of bicycle lanes / routes throughout the city, identify on and off street trail and transit connections, and to develop a new set of user friendly maps. The end result is a list of projects, policy recommendations for bike lanes, bike parking, transit enhancements, ride-sharing, suggested locations for park and rides, and much more.

Click on the links below to view the Multi Modal Transportation Master Plan as approved by City Council on July 17th, 2012. This is a working document so please email Amber Blake to submit your comments and feedback.

Multi Modal Transportation Master Plan Narrative
Multi Modal Transportation Master Plan Appendix A
Multi Modal Transportation Master Plan Appendix B

**Click Here to see the list of projects proposed in the Multi Modal Transportation Master Plan, along with estimated costs.**

**Click Here to read how we are implementing this plan**

The Public Process
The public process for the 2012 Multi Modal Transportation Master Plan began in 2009 with a kick-off meeting, followed by seven neighborhood meetings, and additional public outreach meetings. In total, over 75 meetings were held.  

At these meetings, the bicycle, pedestrian, and transit networks were discussed. We obtained input on ways to improve the multi modal transportation system to create a more complete, connected, safer transportation network for everyone. If you were unable to make the meeting scheduled for your neighborhood, please feel free to email us with you questions, concerns, or comments.

Why the Master Plan
Durango was awarded the Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community Award by the League of American Bicyclists in 2009. In an effort to achieve the Gold Level Friendly Community Award, the City needed to write and implement a bicycle master plan. We decided to take this one step further by including other modes of transportation and focusing on implementation versus policy. Durango was awarded the Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community Award by the League of American Bicyclists in 2012.

Another reason we were determined to complete the plan was to ensure a high quality of life for all of the residents and visitors of Durango. Research has shown that places that are friendly to all mode users provide a much higher quality of life than those that are focused primarily on the automobile.